Horrible news! :D

a blue guitar, a set of stars, or those exactly who they are
Yes, Dr Horrible 2 is a go! And that’s directly from Zack & Jed.

Today Zack Whedon was at Golden Apple Comics in Hollywood signing his newly published Terminator comic book. The Whedonopolis team of Ray McDermott, Salena Roper, Suzanne Eggbrecht (aka The Button Lady) and I were there to assist the staff of Golden Apple with crowd control and Eugene Powers (aka Mad Russian) was on hand to take photos. Look for them in our gallery soon.

Toward the end of the event Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen came by to show their support and to buy a few comics. Well, it’s now or never. I say to Zack that articles everywhere are rehashing the same old buzz and sometimes the same old interviews. Knowing the Dr Horrible team wants to make DrH2 isn’t the same as knowing for sure it’s getting made. Is there anything you can tell the fans?

Drum roll: YES, Dr Horrible is in the process of being made. It is now being organized and written [WRITTEN!!!]. In fact, while I was talking with Zack, Salena spoke with Jed who confirmed that he’s there to meet with Zack and start writing the sсript this afternoon.


Вкратце: ДА! Второй Доктор Хоррибл будет. Сейчас его как раз пишут.

Можем плясать! ))

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2010-04-04 в 17:30 

Has a ship got curtains?
Ура-ура-ура! *пляшет* %))

2010-04-04 в 17:32 

a blue guitar, a set of stars, or those exactly who they are

2010-04-04 в 19:29 

Алиса,будь Шелдоном!
Круто,я думала только один сезон вышел и все...чудная новость :ura:

2010-04-07 в 15:15 

В темноте глаза горят, в них сомненья нет — один азарт!

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